Faith & Chai

I think I'm depressed.

December 09, 2021 South Asian InterVarsity Season 2 Episode 5
Faith & Chai
I think I'm depressed.
Show Notes

Depression and mental illness are real but more often than not South Asian communities can ignore or deny those realities. Join our hosts as they discuss their experiences with depression in college, what they feared their parents would think and how their view of mental health has been shaped by time, culture and faith. Plus, during our biscuit break find out who ran for student council to hide being sad.
Mental Health Resources:
*Check your college's mental health office for local resources that are FREE to students.
*South Asian Therapists Directory -
*Asian Mental Health Collective -
*Chicago + Denver-based South Asian Therapist -
*Books from a Christian perspective about inviting God into your mental health journey -
Mentioned on Today's Episode:
*The Silence About Mental Health in South Asian Culture Is Dangerous:
Hosts: Caroline Lancaster (@carolinesusie) & Kevin Wilson (@crossculturechristian)
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