Faith & Chai

I got dark this summer.

November 25, 2021 South Asian InterVarsity Season 2 Episode 3
Faith & Chai
I got dark this summer.
Show Notes

Remember the last time your parents told you stay out of the sun? Grab your cup of chai and let's go there! Fair and Lovely creams to clouds of talc powder, South Asian women vs men's experiences of colorism, and how faith intertwines it all. Caroline and Kevin dive deep into the prejudices towards having darker complexion in the South Asian community. Also, find out what biscuit our hosts think best resembles their complexion! 

SPECIAL THANKS to Khayali (Kevin's sister).
Hosts: Caroline Lancaster (@carolinesusie) & Kevin Wilson (@crossculturechristian)
Production: Arul Karunanidhi, Kyle Lee & Alex Waters
Design: Lisa Matsui & Caroline Lancaster
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