Faith & Chai

Where Are You From?

May 27, 2021 South Asian InterVarsity Season 1 Episode 3
Faith & Chai
Where Are You From?
Show Notes

Remember the last time someone asked you this and how you felt? How does location affect the South Asian experience? How does faith affect our understanding of home and "place"? In this episode of Faith & Chai, Caroline and Kevin talk about how they've experienced this question and what it taught them about where we find a sense of home.

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Go Deeper:

The Gift of Gershom: God's Call to the Alien Experience

by Ritu Singh

Book referenced in episode:

Beyond Homelessness: Christian Faith in a Culture of Displacement

by Brian J. Walsh and Steven Bouma-Prediger


Hosts: Caroline Lancaster (@carolinesusie) & Kevin Wilson (@crossculturechristian)

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